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Motecca is the amalgamation of the word’s ‘motoring’ and ‘mecca’. We pretty much think that says it all!

On these pages you will find some of our stock, as well as a bunch of collectible automotive items from our personal collection, which are available for purchase.

This is a boutique business, a lifestyle business. We will typically have only a handful of cars in stock at any time – these will be securely stored in Auckland and can be inspected by prospective purchasers by prior appointment. Our cars are best of breed – we select each individual car personally.

Motecca cars are pristine in presentation, unique in specification and competitively priced. I am in this game to enjoy my passion and make friends, so you will not only be treated as a client but also as brethren!

I’ve been fascinated by cars since I was two years old. My father used to bring me home a new Matchbox car each week. Lucky me!  From there I graduated to a series of pedal cars and eventually a home-built go-cart. Early teens saw me lusting after my best mate’s father’s 1983 911 SC. He was a petrol-head and winner of the inaugural Bridgestone Porsche series. This was back in the days when you simply rocked up in your un-modified road-car or daily driver…just how Dr Ferdinand Porsche envisaged when he started his company!

In my late teens and early twenties, my attention was diverted to education and travel. The car passion took a hiatus in the student years, then the following period of “overseas experience” but once returned to New Zealand, the flame was kindled again and I started in earnest to find a living that would pay for my habit! As soon as a stream of income was identified, the cars started to arrive, and they were cycled regularly. I still didn’t own a property but I worked hard and eventually a place to store my cars was purchased. They call them houses, but they are really places to keep cars, man junk and sleep, right?

I’ve never known what I wanted to be when I grew up. Well almost never. After the fascination with CHiPs wore off, I think it’s safe to say anything to do with cars would have been just perfect. Unfortunately, I’m not a Wonderboy with a spanner and my parents had other ideas for my education, so for a long, long time I had to satisfy my car passion by being an owner and enthusiast only. From Celica to Prelude to Subaru WRX then later my first Porsche in my 30th year, a lovely 993 C2. I kept that car almost two decades but in-between imported a 993 RS and a 996 GT3 from Singapore, an e39 BMW M5 and a 968 manual from Japan. Not all at once of course, as funds and space wouldn’t allow, but I kept a healthy turnover of interesting metal in my second garage space as mandatory.

After getting married eleven years ago (with the 993 a feature of the wedding and the getaway car!) to my lovely and habit-tolerant wife,  we decided to live offshore and enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle dashed with a vein of wanderlust. My career turned again tangential to what had been before. Reinvention.

We have had some great times and plenty of adventures over the last decade, including many trips to New Zealand, the USA and Europe to enjoy car related pursuits. Getting those ticks on the bucket list has been a big feature of our lives. Track days have been a big feature in the last four years along with attendance in the NZ Targa Tour, lots of back-road drives and self-drive events organised with small groups of passionate enthusiasts. Along the way I have been a long-standing community member of a number of international car forums (Rennlist, Pistonheads, Rennteam, Ferrari chat). I’m fairly familiar to 991 GT3, 993, BMW and Alfa board participants around the world. I’m also proud to be a founding and committee member of Rennsport Gruppe – a 70-strong group of regular Porsche track day enthusiasts, NZ based. When you are a long way from real roads and first world services, then the internet becomes a good friend to stay in touch with your hobbies and passions.

So that brings us to 2017. The year we returned to New Zealand and finally after three decades I get to indulge myself in the industry I’ve always been most passionate about – automotive!

Savouring the opportunity, I’ve decided to start out with a small niche business importing and selling hand-selected motor vehicles as well as collectible auto memorabilia. I love travelling and I love cars – what better combination than to hand-select a few great examples, import and sell then to other enthusiasts to enjoy!

Motecca isn’t a typical car sales business.  It is not a volume business.  This is an enthusiast buying a few handpicked, iconic cars that represent value and are exceptional in their specification or condition and marketing them for sale to other like-minded folk.


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Exported to UK - 964 3.6T 2015


  • Trusted professionals – LMVT
  • Huge product knowledge
  • Hand-picked stock
  • Modest margins


  • Great guys to deal with. The GT3 was just perfect and the price was great too!Theodore Isaac Rubin



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